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Paulie Bignell - Express Elevator

New Release

10th December 2021

When Paulie began writing material for his third studio album, he decided to let his eclecticism off the chain, resolving no genre to be too sacred.

Listen to ‘Express Elevator’ and Paulie’s tangled musical root system (of rockabilly, country, soulful R&B, flat-out Rock n Roll) and that eclecticism becomes apparent.

A singer/guitarist who hears sounds, as opposed to formulas, Paulie may be a Bluesman at heart but he’s not chained to the Blues. In his headspace, Blues is a form of self-expression that allows him to roam all over the psychic roadmap.

Paulie’s sharp ears and his innate talent allow him to capture lightning in a bottle – as a producer and an engineer; he’s all about the substance rather than the superficial.

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